Nelscott Reef

Nelscott Reef, originally named ‘Tackle Buster Reef’ from the local fishermen, was first explored by Humbolt resident Craig Spjut and a friend in 2000 as they drove a PWC thru Siletz river mouth, then thru the beach break and out to the reef. On this first day, the reef was barely breaking so they ended up towing the inside beach break. In 2001, Craig came back up with Kirk Johnson and they successfully towed the reef for the first time. It was then that they discovered that this was a world class break.  They needed to find other surfers to come up and towsurf this amazing wave.

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro/Am is a one-day, annual event that is held between October 1st and March 31st in Oregon. The event is called on a 3 days notice in order to guarantee prestine conditions. SURFLINE is the official surf forecaster and they will be working very closing with the organizers to guarantee the best day for the event.

Bowers Trucking is proud to Sponsor the Upcoming  2017 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro-Am!

On the biggest days of the season, Nelscott Reef breaks about a mile offshore  from Canyon Park, in Lincoln City, Oregon. The massive open ocean swells are generated during the winter months. Coming primarily from the northwest and westward direction. These storms produce wave heights in the 30’-50’ range once they hit the outer reef with some occasional crazy swells maxing out in the 60’-70’ range.

Notably, Event Director Adam Wagner has been running all the ongoing big wave events at Nelscott Reef since the inception and has created a foundation of success and growth for the sport and local community for over a decade. This year is no exception, as Adam Wagner,  Gabe Smith and Eric Akiskalian are working together to bring you another successful big wave surfing event for the 2017/18 big wave event season.

Check out the vid from last year!


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