What We Offer:

-Reliable, responsive service
-Competitive pricing
-Highly specialized equipment
-Commitment to safety
-ISNet Safety Certification
-Talented and committed employees

Our Customer Service Commitment

At Bowers Trucking we are committed to delivering high quality customer service.

We follow through on this commitment by acting with integrity and professionalism and delivering prompt, reliable service to our customers.

Our team is talented, committed, and safety oriented.

Skilled employees along with well maintained equipment allows us to provide the highest level of customer service.

Forest By Products

We specialize in the transportation of wood chips, shavings, sawdust, and bark.

Our equipment ranges from 40-foot two-axle trailers with three-axle tractors to 53-foot four-axle trailers with eight-axle tractors.

This specialized equipment allows us to haul maximum allowable gross tonnage in Oregon and California.

Lumber and General Freight

We also have four-axle rear loading dry van trailers, which are currently utilized to move bulk bags of chromite.

These trailers can also be used to move general freight and lumber.


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